Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer is comin' to an end!

Hello! Its been awhile since I have been on here! Summer is coming to an end and has been filled with a bunch of excitement. News since the last time I have been on here:

I made Dixie Cheer which is going to be way exciting. About two weeks ago I was thrown into the air and came down quickly right on my ankle tearin all my ligaments in my ankle.

I should be out for 6 weeks and be back into things soon!

I have just been workin my butt off still nannying and being at barefoot. Barefoot should end next week because of conflicts with the owner. ha. Any questions just ask. And thats about it! Life is crazy but I love it. Oh ya and I also moved into my a new apartment which I love love love. My room mates are the three greatest girls I know.

Broklyn is the one in the top and in the bottomw one is kelli amy and I in vegas! Thats all new with me!

Sunday, February 3, 2008



............So This weekend I ACTUALLY did stuff besides sitting at my apartment.Well Friday night was estatic I got done nannying early and headed down to Mesquite with Tiffany, Bree, and their friends. We went to a comedy club and left early..Im sure it would of been funny if we were drunk like everyone else but nope didnt really seem to funny. We than headed over to a resterant that four of us ended up getting 4 dollar Top Sirloin..Ya it was THE grosest thing I have ever scene, smelt, and ate. No wonder why it was 4 dollars and it was definatley not the top of anything. We went bowling after with extremely upset stomachs and I got a high score of 77! yay for me! I than came home and headed to bed! Saturday was an extreme adventura!! Mi Amiga Ashley and I woke up at an early 9 and sat in our bed till about 11 then decided to go to the mall. We found nothing besides two pairs of shoes that were wonderful to find with great deals attached to them. We shortly got invited to go four wheeling! There were no girls up at the sand dunes besides us and we were the craziest ones there. The boys that were with us were driving super slow and wouldnt even get in the mud! ya you could imagine so ash and I took it upon our selves to make it an exciting trip and found every mud puddle possible. It was so much fun! We came home and started getting ready for nothing that was to come than ended up doing a wonderful music video which is displayed above this text. It was fun! we soon got tired and drifted off to bed! Sunday came around fast and I was off to church at the early hours of 1. I went by myself and decided to come home after sacrament meeting and soon went on our way(ash and I) over to our wonderful sisters house for a extravigant super bowl party! I was cheering for the Giants and was thrilled for the ending! I loved this wonderful weekend and cant wait for next to come home and to be with my family!